Copy & paste the questions into an email and type answer below. If approved I will email you my contract for my requirements for owning one of my wolfdog's: witch includes refund policies, payment and visting the ranch to meet the parents. If you aren't approved I will explan why.

Please include Picture's & Videos

First & Last Name:

Date of Birth:

 Physical Address:

 Why do want to buy a wolfdog?

 What experience have you had with wolves or wolfdog?

 What is winter wolf syndrome?

 Do you have small children?

What ages?

Are you aware that wolves, wolfdogs, or even domestic dogs should not be allowed around small children, unless under extremely close supervision?

 Does the entire family agree on the purchase of a wolfdog?

 What kind of safe humane containment can you provide?

 If you do not have a pen currently, what expenses to incur in building an adequate environment for your wolfdog?

Do you have enough room for a wolfdog? ( containment must be complete & approved before you receive your wolfdog)

 Do you live in a heavy residential area?

 Do you rent or own your house?

If rent do you have permission of your landlord to own a wolfdog?

 Can you commit to caring for a wolfdog for its entire life (16+ years)?

 Is your veterinarian qualified to administer health care to wolfdogs?

Is he/she aware that wolfdogs are to be treated differently, both in handling and in medicinal/sedative applications?
( must provide name and address of your veterinarian )

 What is your state, county and local regulations concerning wolfdogs?

 What type of background do you have in working with and training canines?

 Have you ever owned a dog before?

If so, what breed and for how long?

Why do you no longer have this animal?

Why do you think the experience would prepare you for a wolfdog?

 Are you looking for a guard dog?

 Are you looking for a house pet?

Do you have a full time career with long hours and many out of town trips? How many hours will spent with the wolfdog?

Breeding Rights

Do you plan on breeding your pup in the future?

If yes, do you have a mate already chosen?

Please attach photo of your breeding animal.

 What is the content of the animal you plan on breeding the pup to?

 Do you have homes or plan to have homes lined up before your pair even breed?

 Are you prepared to keep the pups that don’t sell and accept any returned puppies?

 How long have you been breeding? Or will this be your first time?

 Do you have intentions of bettering the breed?

 How often do you plan on breeding your animal?

 What if it doesn’t breed? What if something goes wrong?

Will you be taking your animal to the vet should something go wrong?

 What will be your requirements when it comes to screening potential homes for your litter?