Welcome to J&L Extraordinary Breed of Wolfdogs

High Content Black Phasing Wd Pup's. Check us out!! Prineville Oregon. It will be tough but well worth it. You are buying a lifetime commitment. With the right requirements and experience with Wd (Pre approval screening) you can enjoy one of these extraordinary pup's.

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  • The new owners must provide a 100% secure , escape-proof (minimum of approximately 1.6m X 4-5m x 1.6m tall). MUST SHOW PROOF.
  • You must provide your residency if your state or county requires a special permit must show/prove (phone number & copy of permit)
  • Have you ever owned a WolfDog before? Can you prove to me that you will be able raise my canine for there rest of there life
  • Firm but kind treatment will be provided for this animal at every stage of its development. We highly recommend that early in puppy hood, the puppy should be taken to and trained in a begining obedience class with a qualified trainer for both training and socialization purposes
  • We offer Free educational (WolfDog training) for our customers