Selectively Bred High & Mid Content Wolfdogs

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High Content

To be well socialized puppy will be output in different places everyday and in contact with strangers and other dog, it's extremely important to be clear as soon as possible that the puppy should be subjects to man. Education will be smooth without brutality through games and positive reinforcement. His owner will spend a lot of time with him to gain his trust and to establish complicity. He will leave only very little. The Wd's can live indoor, it's strongly recommended to used as much as possible within the rules of life. It's advisable to provide a kennel inside or at least an empty room to limit damage material. Wd's will clean very late, but it can be done, it will have to be patient. During the period of heat Hc Wd's can change character and become grumpy due to the raise of hormones is called winter wolf syndrome. This varies depending on the dogs and their lines so it is recommended during this period of limit interactions to maintain a good relationship of trust with the animal. indifference usually fixes very undesirable behavior. You can also use a kennel during this period he lives with a dog of the opposite sex. It may also be dominant with other dogs of the same sex, so it is best to limit contact with them during this period.  Just like its ancestor the wolf, the Hc Wd's can reproduce only once a year. Pup's are due late March to May, litters are on average 5/6 pups, sometimes less, especially arctic who usually have two to four puppies. For a perfect human socialization human, puppies will be removed from the mother to 10 day's before eyes opening for impregnation humans. During this period the man must be present with the puppies to replace the mother and bottle feeding written by M.K.

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